Getting Started on Squadz

So, you’ve downloaded Squadz and made an account. Now what?

Squadz is all about connecting with your friends and teammates, so a great first step is to add all your friends who already have the app and invite those that don’t! To see which of your friends have Squadz, tap the “Teammates” tab, touch the large “+” on the top right corner and select “Facebook”. All of your Facebook friends who have a Squadz account will immediately pop up and you can quickly add them as friends. You can also select “Address Book” and then press the “Show Only Squadz Users” button at the bottom to see who in your phone contacts is already on Squadz. If you can’t find any existing friends you know, you can also select “Nearby” to see if anyone you know in your area has an account. Adding friends nearby is a great way to connect with people if there aren’t many games going on in your area yet.


If any of your friends don’t have the app, you can easily invite them to download it! Simply select “Add Friends by Address Book.” A screen similar to the one below will then come up:


By tapping the mail icon next to any of your friends’ names, you will be able to send them a text with a link to download the app, along with your username so they can add you as a friend.

Once your friends have downloaded the app, it’s really easy to assemble your Squadz team! Tap on the “Teammates” tab and click the small “+” next to “My Squadz:”

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.32.53 AM

At this point, input your new team’s name and select what sport that team plays together in the scroll down menu. You’ll then be prompted to add people to your team, so simply scroll down your friend’s list and swipe right on anyone who wants to be on your new squad. Once you click done, your team has been created!

Now that you have a team, you can quickly and seamlessly invite them to a game! Here are the steps:

  1. Click the “Start game” tab on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Make a game title. For example, “Pickup Soccer Downtown.”
  3. If you only want people you invite to be able to see the game, toggle the game visibility button so that it’s on private. If you want other players in the area to see your game, leave the toggle as is.
  4. Enter the location of your game. You can either input the address manually or find a venue using the “Pick venue” function.
  5. Input the date of the event and select an approximate start and end time.
  6. If you made a public game, input the skill level so that other people know what level you and your friends play at.
  7. Include any additional information in the notes tab. If you’re playing a sports facility, it’s worth noting if you need a pass to get in and how much it would cost.
  8. Click the check mark on the upper right corner of the screen.
  9. Add your team by swiping right on the team name. If you want to invite people outside of the team, simply swipe right on their names individually.
  10. image1-13image2-5
  11. Press done. Your team, and anyone else you invited, will get a push notification on their phone and will instantly have all the game info in one place.

Once the event is created, you can chat with friends on the game’s message board to confirm that the game time works for everyone, or discuss anything else related to the game! If someone wants to invite their friend as well, they can simply invite them to the event through the event page that you created.

image3-3 image1-14

If you have any other questions or would like to see how-to’s about something else, please feel free to contact See you out there!

Stay Active,

Squadz Team

Written by  Squadz Team

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