How to Stay Active with Pokemon Go in 10 Steps

18 Jul 2016
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Pokemon Go has quickly become a national phenomenon, and in the process it has crushed the notion that playing video games and healthy, physical activity are mutually exclusive. The app, which places Pokemon on a virtual map based off real geography, requires that users go out and walk or run around in order to “catch ’em all.” The result is that many once latent people have gotten up off the couch to pursue the most rare Pokemon and build their collection. The “twitterverse”, of course, has spoken to the athletic power of the new app:

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At Squadz, we’re all about helping people connect and stay active, and we think Pokemon Go is a great way to get people out of the house and bring them together. Where exactly does our app come in? Using Squadz, you can easily connect with your friends, or anyone else in your area, to walk around and catch Pokemon! Our app is designed for get-togethers like this and we’d love to see people use it for that purpose. Here’s how to set up a Pokemon Go event on the app:

  1. Invite your friends who play Pokemon Go to the app by using the “Add friends by Address Book” function. Once they’ve made an account, send them a friend request!
  2. Click the “Start Game” tab on the bottom of your screen.
  3. IMG_3473
  4. Input a descriptive title relevant to the game. For example, “Let’s Catch Pokemon”.
  5. Select “Custom” from the Sport Type drop down list and input “Pokemon Go”.
  6. Enter the location of your Pokemon hunt. We recommend cities or places that are densely populated and receive lots of foot traffic, like the Marina District in San Francisco!
  7. Input the date and start time of your event.
  8. Put any additional information in the “Notes” section at the bottom. Things to note: what Pokemon Go team you represent, if you know of any gyms in the area that your group could go to, your trainer level and the levels of your Pokemon.
  9. Click the check mark on the upper right corner of the screen.
  10. Add your friends to the catching party by swiping right on their usernames. To speed up the process, create a new Squadz team that includes all of your Pokemon Go friends and simply swipe right one time on the team to add everyone to the party!
  11. Press “Done” at the top right. Your team will get a push notification on their phone and will instantly have all their catching party info in one place.
  12. IMG_3471

Follow these steps and you’ll find friends, and Pokemon, in no time. We hope to see you out there catching ’em all!

Stay Active,

Squadz Team

Written by  Squadz Team

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